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Lower Costs

Even if you are partially or fully deployed, efreight360 is still right for you. Our current customers report savings of at least $5.00 per paper transaction replaced with SmartForms. Start-Up costs is minimal, and all you need is a user ID and password to get started.

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#SmartForms Technology

eFreight360 uses SmartForms® technology. A SmartForm makes data capture easy, accurate and relatively pleasant to complete. SmartForms can be deployed on the cloud allowing their easy completion by any authorized person, anytime, anywhere, using any device, on or off-line.

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Secure and Reliable

SmartForms can be easily printed at any point in the process. Digital ‘Documents of Record’ remain instantly retrievable or saved for as long as they are required. eFreight360 provides a stunning new standard never before available in support of the IATA e-Freight initiative.

eFreight360 SaaS

Perfect for Air Freight Organizations who want a fully compliant IATA e-Freight solution that is production ready for use on the Cloud.

eFreight360 Enterprise

Designed for Integration of Air Freight Data into Corporate Systems, Create Forms, Customize Processes and gain full access to all System Tools.

eFreight360, the cloud application for electronic air freight is brought to you by Episcale Corporation an expert in Transport solutions and Avoka Technologies, the leaders in Transaction Management.


Per Org Per Month

  • Per Organization
  • Per Month
  • Unlimited Users


Includes Unlimited Storage, Access and Retrieval of Documents


  • Per ePouch


Share the ePouch with unlimited Partners, Origin, Destination, Shippers and Airlines

Refund Policy : You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees, though no refunds are provided for prorated periods.

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What is eFreight360?

eFreight360 is a breakthrough cloud based software application that automatically completes all ePouch documentation and communicates that data to all stakeholders. eFreight360 digitally books cargo space with over 150 airlines bringing the convenience of doing business within a single, integrated and secure system. eFreight360 provides storage and instant retrieval of all shipping documentation for statutory periods required by the industry.

Give me a reason why I should not try eFreight360.

There isn’t one. If you’re in the air freight business you owe it to your company and yourself to try eFreight360.

How many free shipments do I get a month?

No shipments.

What about GREEN?

eFreight360 is green from the ground up! Our technology saves tons of paper each year.

What about my Mobile Devices?

eFreight360 is fully accessible from any device including Desktops, Tablets, SmartPhones. All popular operating systems are supported including Android, Apple and Microsoft.

I want to give my customers a better experience when they deal with us. Does eFreight360 help?

Yes. The list is endless in the ways eFreight360 will make it easy for your customers to do business with you instead of your competition.

How can eFreight360 have so much functionality, be so easy to use and still be so inexpensive?

We have worked hard to understand the needs of the air cargo industry and fully support the IATA e-Freight initiative. This has resulted in a next generation product that everyone can use effectively and afford. We also utilize the most powerful underlying technologies available.

Can I start small and upgrade to higher plans with greater discounts?

Absolutely! All you need to do is to sign in to eFreight360.com to purchase or upgrade and follow the simple instructions.

How do I avoid paying the $25 Paper AWB surcharge coming from the airlines?

Easy, start using eFreight360!

How much eAWB and ePouch Data can I store on eFreight360?

You can store an unlimited amount of data for an unlimited time. Storage is included in our price.

What about training?

We have web based instructor led training weekly in rotating time zones. We also have extensive user manuals and videos. Chances are you will be able to effectively use eFreight360 on your first try.

Where does my data reside? Is it secure?

eFreight360 employs military level security throughout. eSignatures are fully supported. We use Amazon Web Services for our IaaS and they provide all the computer and communications power you will ever need.

I need to be a computer geek to successfully use eFreight360 – don’t I?

Absolutely not! eFreight360 was developed to be so EASY – EASY – EASY that anyone can effectively use it, even those with minimal computer savvy.

Are all the forms available that I need?

Definitely. All of the IATA forms are available for you to use once you sign in. You can also include your company’s logo on paid accounts.

Can I book cargo the way I’m doing it now and still get benefit from eFreight360?

Absolutely! We recommend that you book inside of eFreight360 because we capture that data and transfer it to all the other forms you need for the ePouch automatically. But you can book in any way you choose and easily use our “Create ePouch” functionality.

Do you have API capability? Can I integrate with my current enterprise systems?

We have powerful API capability available. Call us and we will recommend the best way to meet your objectives.

I want to import digital “paperless” information from shippers. Can I do that?

Yes. eFreight makes this easy.

How many users can my company have?


How are you priced?

From “pay as you go” to highly discounted monthly commitments we have a price that is right for you. No deposits or long term contracts required.

Will eFreight360 run on my computers?

eFreight360 actually runs in the cloud. So as long as you can connect to the internet you can run the system effectively from any device.

How does eFreight360 compare with other solutions?

See for yourself.

Features eFreight360 Others
Open System Yes No
Book cargo space with Proprietary Airlines Yes Yes (very limited)
Book cargo space with Any Airline* Yes No
Receive digital packing lists from shippers ERP Systems that automatically fills out all required forms – no Keying* Yes No
Electronically Communicate XML ePouch Forms to any Stakeholder* Yes No
Multiple Devices* (PC’s, Smart Phones, All Tablets) Yes No
Multiple Languages/Alphabets Yes No
Handle any Paper Reduction Initiative Yes No
Easily get multiple quotations on any schedule* Yes No
Affordable & Easily Usable by Any Size Organization Yes No
No Free eAWB/month Transactions Yes No
Manifest & Consolidation Tools (rev 2) Yes No

*A "Must Have" capability.

I am a solution provider. Can I integrate eFreight360 functionality into my solution?

Definitely. Call us and we will be happy to discuss your special requirements using our Enterprise Edition.

I’m having trouble running eFreight360. What can I do?

Email our support staff or use the in-product and website help pages to contact our support staff and we will be glad to work with you to resolve any issue you may have.

I have questions for you. What can I do?

Contact eFreight360 or the in-product website help pages. Either way we will immediately contact you to answer your questions.

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